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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. a black friday like no others. shoppers looking for deals and demonstrators looking. >> a shopper shot in a wal- mart parking lot. police made an arrest. why the case is still not closed. >> nothing adds to the holidays like a wet muddy mess. damage left from a burst pipeline that sent water 60 feet into the air. >> and one part of christmas needs a marketing team. how one part of the holiday season is losing ground. >> good evening, i'm allen martin. >> it had the potential for a real mess and it was one. the combination of holiday shoppers occupy protesters, then the critical mass converging in the same place at the same time. even though protesters blocked some streets, things stayed
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relatively calm. the elements for this perfect storm tonight. don. >> merchants and shoppers both must have worried a little bit about what the occupy protest would do to their very special day. they need not have. in fact, you might say that the protest was like street theater and drew a lot of people into the empty streets and made it easy to get into the stores. >> union square was near gridlock with black friday shoppers when a relatively small group of occupy protesters brought things to a halt. moving from intersection to intersection and blocking them. police barricades closed down streets. shoppers poured into streets. many enjoyed the protests. some shoppers paused to have their pictures taken with a protester. if the protester's message was to avoid retailing the shopping day, they weren't having much success. >> i think the cause gets lost
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when you have people out occupying, but some people are going to shop. >> meanwhile, a perfect storm was in the making. a possible collision of black friday crowds, occupy protesters and critical mass all building up at about the same time. the monthly bicycling crowd headed off in another direction and few downtown were paying much attention to the occupy protesters. a crowd gathered to watch the annual christmas tree lighting. but the message of the 99% was not falling entirely on deaf ears. >> even though it is convenient, i think it finally people are talking about it. >> occupiers were in friendly territory for sure, but winning few. >> i am mixed. i'm not sure what they are protesting and if they are testing something important, i would like to know what it is. i'm unclear on what the message is. >> shoppers came early and
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stayed late. maybe tomorrow we'll know. >> don knapp, thank you. and we just want to remind you, of course, that was a live event. people have been celebrating in their own way and you may have seen an obscene gesture. again, it's a live crowd. an ultimatum for the occupy movement in los angeles tonight. protesters have until midnight monday to leave their encampment outside of city hall. the mayor issued a statement late this afternoon saying the city can no longer maintain the public safety of a long-term encampment. right now, there are close to 500 tents in front of l.a. city hall. no word on what those demonstrators plan to do. >> merchants and neighbors this downtown oakland hosted a black friday shopping street fair today. occupy oakland protests kept shoppers away from downtown. some shops suffered damage during riots three weeks ago. people in the area decide to help merchants by appealing to locals to skip the big box and shop locally instead.
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they called it blackout oakland. an effort to keep businesses that are hurting in the black this holiday season. >> it is a fantastic and i have to attribute that to the great people of oakland coming by and checking it out. >> some of the downtown merchants supported the movement and occupy returning the favor, expressing support for the blackout local event. >> a black eye on black friday shopping. police have arrested an oakland man for shooting a wal-mart shopper in the parking lot. 20-year-old tony phillips is one of the three suspects who tried to rob a grown up of shoppers outside the store in san leandro early this morning. the shoppers fought back and that's when someone shot the victim. phillips was caught by the victim's family. the others got away. the victim is in critical condition tonight. black friday shoppers were stunned by the shooting. >> for a holiday and
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everything, it doesn't make any sense. everybody should be getting along. >> i probably put up a struggle, but at some point i would let go and probably run. >> police are trying to determine if the man in custody was the shooter. the shooting was caught on surveillance camera. two suspects are still on the run. : an 8-year-old boy was found in the house in concorde. he was found by his foster mother. the couple living in that house has been taking in special needs children. the boy who died was severely disabled. >> the loss of a child is an unexpected thing. it's just right out of the blue this morning. >> police aren't releasing any information except to say the incident is being investigated. an autopsy will be done next week. it could take days to clean up the mess and weeks to figure out what caused a massive water main break in south san
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francisco. the 60-foot tower of water unleashed just before 10:00 this morning. besides sides sending geyser of water into the air, mud went down the streets. dozens of homes were flooded. >> it stinks when there is water in the house. it's muddy inside and hard to move around. >> it took crews three hours to stop the flow. officials don't yet know what caused the main to break and no estimated cost of damage. a man passing through the bay area walking from montana to los angeles and now he has a broken foot. steven milhous is raising money and awareness for homeless vets. he is walking 1460 miles. the distance the average homeless person walks in a year. he fractured his foot. that of course has slowed him down. the former marine used to be
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homeless himself. there are more homeless vets than ever before. >> i am like a johnny appleseed, but instead of appleseeds, i'm planning awareness. i have stories of people that i talk to via my blog, e-mail, about getting involved. >> milhous has been blogging on his website. his goal is to raise a million dollars. so far, he has $3,000. an extra special family portrait taken on thanksgiving. the man in the middle of this picture is brian stowe. the giants fan still recovering from a brutal beating outside dodgers stadium last march. this is the first picture of stowe released by the family since the attack. the picture posted on the family's website says it has been a long time since our whole family was together on thanksgiving and we could not feel more thankful and blessed. a drug credited with saving lives is about to become available as generic. but people who take it may not
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be able to take advantage of the savings. why millions may only be able to get lipitor by its brand name. >> the turkey, maybe you put up the lights and did shopping. but what about that tree? the holiday tradition that apparently is getting lost in the shuffle. >> and a tradition, well the lucky ones know nothing about. why plumbers look forward to the day after thanksgiving as much as retailers. i'm meteorologist in the weather center. we have high pressure building in overhead and sunshine coming our way. but that fog could be a factor. we'll talk about that coming up.
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the union square tree lighting in san francisco was a star studded affair. the 80-foot fur tree came to life around 6:30 this evening. draped in 21,000 energy efficient lights. the tree is traditionally one of the most recognized christmas trees in the bay area. 22 years macy's has given the tree to the city as a gift. olympic skater was on hand for the event along with santa, of course. and across town, our very own roberta gonzalez. >> three, two, one. light the tree. >> a little help from santa, of course. did the honors. tonight was the 47th tree lighting ceremony. it was an entire afternoon and evening filled with holiday entertainment. there were performances by city opera sf and the yuletide
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carolers. the toy shop even offer add small gift for each kid that visited the store during the ceremony. it is the best selling drug in history. well now lipitor is going generic. it could mean big savings for millions of people or as wyatt andrews explains, they could forced to get the drug by its brand name. >> it's not every day the best selling drug goes generic, but it's happening for 3.3 million patients, like those who depend on lipitor to lower their cholesterol. >> this is a life saving drug in some ways. >> a life saving drug that is about to get cheaper. most copayments will drop from $25 per month to a generic copayment of $10. an average savings of $180 per year. historically when a brand name drug goes generic, the price drops 90% within a year.
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based on lipitor sales of $7.2 billion last year, this one drug can save the healthcare system $6.5 billion. that led the maker it launch an aggressive marketing campaign. >> have offering discounts so large, some drug benefit companies have told pharmacies to keep filling prescriptions with brand-name lipitor saying that the generic will not be covered. pharmacists, owner of the neighborhood pharmacy in alexandria, virginia, will in some cases make more money for dispensing lipitor instead of the generic. >> a patient could come in with a generic prescription and you would fill it with branded lipitor? >> absolutely. we'll see how many plans are on board with it. >> an advocacy group for
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transparency says freezing out the generic could cost the insurance industry and federal government $35 more per prescription. telling cbs news, its new prices are at or below the cost of a generic to payers and patients. >> a little bit high. >> yeah. >> if that's true, the cost of lipitor is about to plummet for patients, the insurance companies, medicare, and medicaid as the block buster drug of all time starts to deliver block buster savings. wyatt andrews, cbs news, al van drink yay, alexandria, virginia. >> researchers published in clinical nutrition found that middle-aged women who eat large amounts of refined carbs and drink moderately have a 30% lower chance of developing diabetes. the results do not indicate that those who don't drink
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should start. by the way, their definition of moderate was two drinks per week. it might be hard to believe, but a day when it seems you can get anything for half off, there's a product appears to be in short supply. there are fewer christmas tree farms. mark talked to a local gore that says the entire industry is in need of a major marketing push. >> jason townsend and his family came here from livermore to find that perfect christmas tree. >> i think it was this one. >> there is just no substitute for the real thing. the family tradition, we have been doing this for, i'd say, a good ten years. we come out and do the christmas tree cutting. get some family bonding going. >> we can put lots of ornaments on it and lots of other stuff on it. >> but the christmas tree growing industry is coming under fire from none other than the fake trees you can buy at
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most retailers. >> that's really our biggest competition is the fake tree industry. >> they have been growing christmas trees for more than 40 years. >> i mean, they have plenty of money to advertise and promote their product and we have been lacking that in our real tree industry. >> in fact, statistics from the u.s. department of agriculture show the number of christmas tree farms is down by 44% nationwide. to fight back, the industry has been asking the usda to administer a checkoff program. where the industry itself pays into a fund that is then used to pay for marketing. >> 15 cents per tree that we sell every given year to go into a pool of funds to market our product. >> even though other industries do it, think got milk? the tree growers easts have been caught up in politics and are now stalled. >> a fake tree is a fake tree. would you take fake flowers to
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your wife? you don't do that. >> the growers of real christmas trees will count on tradition to fend off challenges from their artificial counterparts. mark sayer, cbs 5. a lot of pressure when you cut them down. have you done that? >> oh, lots of times. it smells fantastic. my nose gets stuffed up. >> me too. >> take a claritin. >> includes the weekend. we are going to see plenty of sunshine coming our way. high pressure building in overhead. very nicely and here we go. we see the ridge. the jet stream, we are staying high and dry and looking good. tomorrow, more sunshine on the way. the temperatures getting near 70 degrees by the afternoon. partly cloudy around the bay area with clouds moving to our skies. the main concern will be some of the fog and some of that is already developing in parts of the central valley. 44 degrees right now in
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fairfield. getting hazy there. some fog showing up in santa rosa already, and napa looking at 46 degrees. as we head towards the weekend, we'll see lots of shine coming our way and that ridge will continue to build overhead. it's going to bring lots of sunshine. but that fog in the morning will be the biggest problem. temperatures for overnight lows in the 40s all around the bay area. a chilly start to the day. we should enjoy sunshine. numbers moving well into the 60s. maybe some 50s and low 60s. looking out over the next couple of days, it looks like we'll stay high and dry. some fog early on giving way to sunshine in the afternoon. probably warm things up through monday. but as we head in toward this next week, temperatures cool down. but no rain in the forecast. by the way, has anybody mentioned that game is sold out again this weekend? we have the raiders and they are playing chicago this weekend. should be mostly sunny, 65 degrees if you're headed out. the first place raiders. >> oh, that's right. >> yeah. >> i knew you were keeping
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track. >> festive weather. we like this kind of weather. >> remember that, away your troubles down the drain. >> this next story is for you. >> it's not just sales clerks, black friday also back up friday for plumbers. joe vazquez on a very different post thanksgiving ritual. >> the day after thanksgiving is the day of tradition of left over turkey sandwiches and insane sales. it's also a plumber's paradise. >> one of the busiest days of the year. >> in fact, it is the busiest day of the year for plumbers in san francisco. that's according to a survey by the home services website, home >> they throw the garbage in there and he shouldn't have. >> at the house in daily city. >> take the pipe apart underneath and i can run a cable. >> drain jammed just as company
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arrived last night. >> we had 25 people for dinner. it was so embarrassing because of the sink. >> a lot of potato peels. >> most of the problems have to do with gummed up garbage disposals. >> people abuse garbage disposals. the stuff that is left over on your plate when you are cleaning it. everything else should go to the garbage. >> there are some plumbing problems of the smelly variety. because of all of those extra guests over using the facilities. and plumbers say sometimes nieces and nephews, never your own kids, end up throwing toys down the toilet as well. ace plumbing got the disposal working again without having to take the pipe apart. >> unclogged itself. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> the guys would rather be at home with their family, but they appreciate these are customers that keep us in business. >> big business on a day we'd rather be out shopping or finishing off that turkey
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sandwich. joe vazquez, cbs 5.
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park." 18:45: ight it on!" san jose kicked off the holiday season with the opening of christmas in the park. >> three, two, one, light it up. >> earlier tonight, they flipped the switch for the lights on the tree. the traditional opening of the city's downtown celebration. the city could no longer afford to pay for the festival. but the community, business leaders, all chipped in to say that contributing thousands of dollars in cash, materials, and labor. >> it was worth every smile, this morning when we were finishing everything off, you are tired. you see everybody smile and it means everything to you. >> it is pretty cool. the annual holiday festival runs for six weeks. included music, santa, and the new mascot. blinky the reign deer. >> and for the giants fans on your list, game tickets are on
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sale. this morning the first batch of single game tickets went on sale and keeping with black friday tradition, the lines of at&t park were line. some tickets did go for as little as $8. that did not seem to be the norm. >> i got five games. >> okay. $188. >> that's not bad though. >> not bad, but you know, i wish the prices would have been cheaper. >> tickets are available through dugout stores and through though one fan tells us it's tough to get through the home opener is april 13. all right, some high school football action coming your way tonight. the silver bowl from oakland, plus a great game from the garden in new york city. 2-1 unbeaten stanford and syracuse. the winner coming up after the break.
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here we go. late night football. arizona state 41-38 in the fourth quarter. the bears are trying to finish the regular season with seven wins. mark, start the clock. top ranked lsu fell behind 14-0 to number three arkansas. but then they woke up big time outscoring the razorbacks. the tigerses ran close to 300 yards as they blew out arizona. lsu is 12-0. high school football, the silver bowl. decide oakland city championship. the trophy is staying put. won it for the second year in a row. the warriors beat skyline 33- 19. stanford looked like it was going to upset syracuse at madison square garden. the orange finished the game. chris joseph led all scores.
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syracuse rallied back. and hand stanford their first loss of the season. usf down 3 with four seconds left. look at him go. his shot is blocked and time expired. murray state beat usf70-67 in the semifinal of the great alaskan shootout. there you go. that's your sports minute. what about high scoring affair. >> huge. >> still going on. >> all right. we forgive you. >> around here, i'm rooting for cal. >> safety in numbers. all right, that does it for eyewitness news at 10:00. >> the news is always on and we'll see you in 30 minutes on channel 5 for news at 11:00. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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